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Registered Standard Poodle Pups

Xalted Standard Poodles

Dr. Bruce Rodger Veterinary Services

The look of surprise on their face when you pull up beside them, is priceless. "Ha ha! Found You!"

Below is a (picture) screen shot from our cell phone that shows exactly where our dog is.

GPS Tracking Pet Device "TRACTIVE"

Peace of Mind * History Location * Live Tracking * All Cell Providers

We all worry when once in a while our pets get away from us. For years we used a GPS system on our standard poodles but it became obsolete. I researched GPS systems for 6 months. I wanted a reasonably priced system that was extremely effective. We have used "TRACTIVE" 2 years and are so satisfied with the results I decided to import them from Austria and share this great find.

OR call me at (403) 861-0778 and I will discuss it with you.

"TRACTIVE" is a GPS-based pet tracking solution integrates with "TRACTIVE" management apps for i-phones + Androids. It covers all Cell Providers + World wide tracking. Live tracking by computer when out of cell range.

Low battery e-mail. (2 to 5 day battery hold charge) + Night light control.

Size: 51mm X 41mm X 15mm ( 2in. x 1.6 in. x 0.6 in.) 

Weight: 35 gm. (1.2 oz.)

Waterproof to 1 meter * collar clips

Unit is $175 plus g.s.t.      Monthly or Yearly "Tractive" plans available $6 to $10 per month

For more information:

Call Dr Bruce (403) 861-0778 (403) 949-3769 Bragg Creek

We have them available, so no wait time. Bruce can talk you though the set up and answer any questions.

                             Visa * Cash * Cheque

The GPS Pet Tracking Device is very light weight. It has a clip for the dog or cat collar. Our initial observation was that we figured it would come off the collar too easily. But 2 years later, we have no fears of that. Lilly still has had hers for 2 years.

A funny story; We were in Kauai and had a dog sitter at home. We were able to follow Lilly's travels on our cell phones when the sitter took her to a city veterinary clinic, for blood work for her heat cycle.too